Dorfstraße 26
A-8530 Deutschlandsberg
0043 650 544 60 90

Rechbauerstrasse 63A
A-8010 Graz

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Florian Lierzer is a People and Lifestyle Photographer, a craftsman, a music enthusiast, a surf and skateboarder. In his formative years, from 2008 to 2015, he honed his skills working with a cadre of international photographers as a Light and Digital Assistant around Europe and overseas. His sensitive personality and compassionate sense for people and their characters make him an ideal companion to work with. His personal work involves staged photography inspired by autobiographical insights and photography as a means of personal inquiry and deliberate practice. Every piece of work is an opportunity to gain a new experience, which he is willing to bring to your next project.

teamed up with:
Bergwelten, Caritas, carpe diem, Colliers Int., Diva, Die Gärten NÖ, Evn, Gösser Bräu Graz, Güssinger, Hamburg Eyewear, Immola Home&Living, Jägermeister, NÖ Tourismus, Ortweinschule, Odilien Institut, Pro Holz Austria, Poleit, Pyhrn-Priel Tourismus, Red Bull Media House, SEL Surfboards, Sigmund Freud Museum, Vice, Vagabund Moto, Wifi, Wko, Wella Professionals, Wiener Alpen, Zuegg.